NEW! Pet Stepping Stones

I’ve done a Stepping Stone featuring a Kitty so that everyone that passes by knows who the garden belongs to.
Territory is very important to any reputable  Kitty Cat.  Every cat deserves some time in the sun, but of course as my Vet tells me indoor cats do have a longer life span than outdoor cats.

It measures 5 1/2″ x 51/2″ x2″ and is for indoor or outdoor use. It can be personalized with a name and a pet portrait. Specific Breed stones are $17 with free personalization and Portrait stones are $20, S&H extra.


Yard Sale Decorating- It just makes cents these days.

Yard sales have always been used as one of my main decorating tools whenever  I want to feather my nest. It started when I had to make a third story apartment in a suburban Philadelphia house in to a livable home on a very tiny budget.  As an example, I have put together a little vingette that sits atop my kitchen breakfast bar. It is mixed with one or two store-bought things. See?

I’ve decorated the front porch for Valentine’s Day and now I am working on stuffed cloth Heart Shaped Pins for me and a few young ladies on my list. Pictures coming soon.