Dog Park, Dog Park

What a lovely day to go to the dog park with Abby. She met a few new friends, did a lot of sniffing and got some exercise.  There were no mean dogs there, just friendlies and their owners. I met a lady from Massachusetts who told me the story of her beautiful border collie, Travis. I’ll get to that in the next post cause’ it’s gettin’ late and it’s time to “hit the hay” as it were. (Yes, I was born in a barn!)


Abby the Aussie and Lyme Disease

Beware of lyme disease in your dog. Abby contracted it in south-central Penna.  several years ago and it went undiagnosed by two vets.  She kept coming up lame and I was told that she had arthritis in her back legs, although she was relatively young. Because nobody tested her for lyme, she ended up with permanent joint damage similar to the effects of arthritis and requires medication daily. Just ask the vet to do a routine lyme test because obvious symptoms might not show up for a long time after the tick bite.  I would not want any other dog to go through what Abby goes through every day. Here is some good info I found…Lyme Disease Borreliosis in Dogs.

Quilt Wall Hanging of Abby the Aussie

Iron on Applique Technique Quilted Wall Hanging

Here is the actual piece I referred to in the last post. I’ve always wanted to create a portrait quilt.  Re-assembling the tiny bits of her face was the most difficult part of the process…like putting together a puzzle. I am happy with the end results though. People portraits are next.

My Inspiration for a Quilt Wall Hanging

Here is my Australian Shepherd, “Abby girl”. I don’t think she will ever realize how beautiful she is.  She has bright blue eyes rimmed with black “eyeliner” which is one of the things that makes her so striking.  The Native Americans called her breed Ghost Eye and considered them sacred.

I snapped this picture just before sundown and started work on a wallhanging Quilt Portrait immediately after.  This would work out just perfect for the Quilting as Art workshop I was to do for Art Night at my daughter’s school.

I will update this post with a picture of the wall hanging soon.