YouTube – DORITOS® – PUG ATTACK – Crash The Super Bowl 2011 Winner

Awww, this makes me want to get a pug! I’ve always wanted a black one.


YouTube – DORITOS® – PUG ATTACK – Crash The Super Bowl 2011 Winner.


Smartphone Apps for Pet Lovers

Here is a link that tells you about Apps that you can use if you’re a pet owner, for your smartphone…

My husband had to clip our Aussie, Abby this weekend because sometimes her fur gets in the way of her bathroom duties. I like this review of clippers I found at

YouTube – Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners. Get Your Pet Website!

YouTube – Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners. Get Your Pet Website!.

Dog Park Con’t.

Back to the previous Dog Park Post: The Gorgeous Border Collie we met is a rescue dog. Apparently, he was left in a wooded area at three months old. His rescuer has a few dogs and looked out in to her back yard one day to see this puppy trotting out of the woods. He was skinny and bedraggled so she helped him regain his health and fostered him. His current owner found him online and it was love at first site. He has an unusually thick black coat and has a heavier bone structure than most Borders I’ve seen. I actually mistook him for a Bernese Mountain dog puppy from a distance. You never know who you’re gonna meet at the Dog Park.

Halloween Fun

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Dog Park, Dog Park

What a lovely day to go to the dog park with Abby. She met a few new friends, did a lot of sniffing and got some exercise.  There were no mean dogs there, just friendlies and their owners. I met a lady from Massachusetts who told me the story of her beautiful border collie, Travis. I’ll get to that in the next post cause’ it’s gettin’ late and it’s time to “hit the hay” as it were. (Yes, I was born in a barn!)

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